My new blog… kind of

Hi it’s me Emma and I am making a big announcement. Today I am changing the whole format of my blog. I will be changing it from my school blog to my personal blog. This now has things like DIY’s, Life hacks, sports stuff, quizzes, photography  and cooking tips recipes. I hope you enjoy my new blog format and enjoy all the new things I am adding to it. I will post frequently but I haven’t got a certain posting time yet because I’m very busy at the moment with Graduation and Film Festival. Comment what you would like me to blog about and I will reply to you. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Sport challenges

Please comment here challenges that are sports related that you would like me to complete. On my sports page I will update when I do the challenges and if I was successful of not. I will try to do all challenges but I can’t promise that I will be able to. Thank you:)

Leadership speech

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Here are a few points that make me a good leader.

🔹I am confident and bold and I will rise to the occasion.

🔹I would love and opportunity to be a leader.

🔹I am all about living life to the fullest and becoming a leader would be sush and amazing experience.

Sorry that this is so short but my ipad ran out of juice.🙁

Please vote for me.

Film Fest Reflection

Today was as Film Fest where all the grade sixes show us their films. The films are each 30 seconds and have a certain brief that they have to follow. The awards were divided into categories. There was best costume, best sound, best message and many more. My favourite was Liam Plunkett’s. The message was to keep trying and never give up. I would rate it a….

🌙=half a star.    ⭐️=whole star.      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌙

Homework Reading Book

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The book I am reading is called ‘Alice-Miranda in Paris’ I have the whole Alice-Miranda series. Here is a picture of the book on my bedside table with a review.



Thsi book is about a small girl who is eight years old and is going to Paris to sing at fashion week with her friends. But when some of France’s best designers are harbouring mysterious secrets a piece of rare fabric goes missing days before the show. Alice-Miranda and her friends realise that there is a darker side to the glitz and glamour of Paris.

I really like this book but I recommend reading the rest of the books in the series first as this is book 7 and you may not understand certain aspects of the book. But I think that if you like adventure, fashion and a teensy bit of romance then this is the perfect book for you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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Today in class we learnt about shadows. Shadows are created as we orbit around the sun while rotating. Here is a picture of my shadow.img_4254

Moon Phases

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In class today we made Moon Phases with Oreos and Oreo cream. We cut out the cream to make the Moon Phases, then we labelled the plate. After that we added the Earth and the Sun. In my group was Libby and Emily. You can visit their blogs here⬇️

Emily: Emily’s Blog

Libby: Libby’s Blog

Prefixes- Reading Task

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Prefixes are sounds at the start of words that change the meaning of the word. Suffixes are sounds at the end of a word the change the meaning.

Here is a list of words using the prefixes Bi, Tri and Uni.

Bicycle, biology, biography, biannual, bifocals, bivalve, biweekly.

Tricycle, triathlon, triceratops, trilateral, trilingual, trilogy, trio, tripod, trisect, triangle.

University, unicorn, unicolour, unicycle, univalve, uniform, unindicted, uninflected, unification.

Uni means one, bi means two and tri means three.  Some other prefixes are mis, non, un and anti.


What are some prefixes you can think of?

Comment your answers down below.






Europe Holiday

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On Wednesday the 14th September I am going on a holiday to Europe. I will be back at school on the 10th October. I will be on a European around the Mediterranean Sea. We start at Venice and end at Spain. Then I am going to Paris for a week.

Check out this Padlet to stay in touch. You can post on it aswell if you want. I will be posting regularly on this Padlet.